Expansion of ORF Media Centre

Project data




30.000 m2

48.1785, 16.2907

Media Centre Küniglberg
Competition for Extension of ORF Headquarters, Vienna

Architectural Concept

An independent, solitary arrangement of a compact and layered 8-storey structure stands on a 2-storey base plate. At the height of the first floor of the Multimedia newsroom, the 2-storey base plate holds all studios, workshops with adjoining rooms and all storage areas and garages on the ground floor. These form the function framework of the architectural concept

Due to the direct connection of the base plate to the existing building, shorter distances and the required connections between the individual areas are all ensured. The 1st floor unites all the studios in a compact manner; in which they can be served from the newly arranged workshops via the extended front hall. An optimal utilization of this entire area is also given with regard to the refurbishment measures in the existing building.

The 10-storey solitary Newstower, in combination with the base slab, redefines the new internal order of ORF. It also carries it to the outside, where all the multimedia Newsroom and all the adjacent areas are contained next to all visitor areas.

A new forecourt situation will be based on Rainerschen green space concept. It will open up the new visitor centre via Elisabethalee. The interaction of the new building with Rainer’s existing building takes up the reorganisation of the ORF.

The connection to the main entrance is made via a new axis, which is led into the existing building on the ground floor. It ensures a separation between internal and public areas. Access to the visitor studios 1, 2 and 3 are done via short routes from the ground floor directly to the front areas of the studios on the first floor. The access possibility from the old entrance will be used as usual.

The access situation provides for individually controlled entrances to ensure a separation between internal traffic and VIP/visitor traffic. The compact location of the broadcast van garage, towards Elisabethallee, allows shorter distances and a direct connection to the service areas behind them.

The access for visitors, via the new main entrance, is clearly defined and structured with the new location / Am Sendeplatz 1/, and they allow a clear orientation towards Landesstudio Wien or the new media tower with visitor centre and foyer.

The ORF building complies with the building law conditions under application, and the specifications of the Federal Monuments Office in all points.

From the author's point of view, however, a demolition of the entire object 10, including the studio, is to be aimed at in view of the total investment volume. Due to the implementation of a new internal structure of the ORF, the integration of the old studio into the new direct spatial connection to the extended front hall is considered as a reasonable functional solution.

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