Event Hall Wolkersdorf

Project data




1.200 m2

48.3793, 16.5249


The new event centre in Wolkersdorf is divided into three elements:

1. The base
The entire floor plan of the building is at ground floor level, accessible without barriers.

2. The roofscape
The identity-giving, circular roof contains all necessary technical equipment. This access opens up a great opportunity: technology becomes a design element.

3. The hall
The hall makes use of the maximum possible building height, thus creating an optimal floor space to room height ratio. The roof is designed as a latticework, and it can be completely darkened or to create exciting lighting scenes.

Forecourt and Foyer

From the forecourt, a generous glass front opens into the foyer. The catering area can feed both the forecourt (outside area), the foyer (inside area), and the hall. This allows for divergent event possibilities, especially in summer.

The forecourt itself offers benches that invite you to linger before or after an event. Mast lights illuminate the forecourt during evening events and create a pleasant atmosphere.

The foyer can be used separately or in combination with the hall. It can be used as a break, before or after a performance, with a directly docked cloakroom and bar. In this area, seating furniture or bar tables can also be rearranged again and again, depending on the type of event.

Event Hall

The large event hall, which can be divided in 1/3 to 2/3 ratio, is the centre of the building. Around it, side and service rooms are arranged in a ring.

The proportions of the hall are designed to allow flexible adjustment of the size of the hall. By means of folding walls, one third of the hall can be easily separated and a smaller event with stage area can take place.

The stage can be extended by means of mobile elements. A platform lift provides barrier-free access to the stage and stairs on each side of the stage.

The stage or armchair storage is connected via a separate covered delivery yard located at the rear of the building. This area can also be used to supply the catering area or the waste room. Artists and equipment can also be delivered invisibly via the delivery area, separate from the main entrance.

The functional areas are functionally covered by a circular wood-grid construction.

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