Collection and Research Centre Hall in Tyrol

Project data




10.000 m2

47.2867, 11.5154

Urban Planning and Architectural Concept

The examination of the extraordinary context with regard to its landscape qualities and the peripheral location of the site results in the structuring of the building dimensions and positioning on the site in relation to the specifications.

The creation of an unmistakable design of the structures, taking into account an optimal, functional and economic implementation, forms the starting point of the conceptual approach.

The surrounding area is given a concise, urbanistic sign based on the transformation of the paradigm of the characteristic town house.
The result is a compact, three-storey building consisting of two functional and programmatically different parts, with an optimal implementation of the spatial and functional programme. The RFP is organized in such a way that the operation can be maintained undisturbed during the realization of the second construction stage.

Barnhouse, Town House and Roofscape as Generative Elements

The town house in its traditional construction and old-town density forms an unmistakable roof landscape. This element is used as a reference motif for the composition of the top level and the roof construction.

The Stadl as a characteristic building of the Alpine region with its two components: the attic and the roof truss forms the conceptual template for an architectural transformation of the new building.

The storehouse, as a general term for collecting, storing and storing, is a monolithic storage place for various valuable objects, built from an insulating concrete shell and half buried in the earth.

The roof truss, as the crowning wooden construction of the barn with its concise form, houses lounges, work and studio rooms and gives the building its identity. The prefabricated wooden elements form a framework, a frame which, due to the different angles of inclination of the prongs, allows the northern light for the studios and work rooms as well as stairs and corridors and on the south side provides the roof area for the solar collectors and PV system.

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