Cluster Testbase Vienna

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48.1844, 16.407


The concept envisages the space programme in a star-shaped building structure that opens up to the courtyards and green spaces. The uses of the various municipal departments are assigned to the individual building arms: MA 39 with the extension is located in the middle and right-hand building arms, MA 38 is housed in the new building in the left-hand building arms, and the service halls of MA 39 are arranged along the pedestrian promenade and close off the outer space of the courtyards. The buildings of MA 6, 59 and 60 form the street front to Gratian Marx Strasse.


The buildings are planned at different altitudes to allow for visual relationships, lighting conditions and sufficient sunlight. These gradations loosen up the otherwise very dense development and also offer space for future expansion possibilities. The star-shaped structure forms generous open spaces (courtyards), which are not only used for operations (parking, delivery) but are also planted and landscaped.

Test Facility

The test facilities are arranged along the pedestrian promenade and are accessed from the two courtyards. The fire hall and the sound house are new buildings, the large component test hall is existing. The heights of the buildings are function-related; the location of the structures on the site allows optimum accessibility for all users.

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