City Museum / Karmeliterhof St. Pölten

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Awards / Phase

2.2nd place


48.2042, 16.6222

The concept provides for a careful treatment of the listed surroundings and enhances the subordinate outdoor space of the Carmelite courtyard.

The implant is placed in the courtyard without changing the existing structure - only with a light touch. The shape of the roofing follows the roof landscape of the Carmelite monastery and continues the roof forms in the new language. The system of the old historical roof trusses and their roof forms was taken as a reference and implemented with a different materiality. The challenging task of building over the courtyard into the historic structures of the Carmelite monastery was solved with a light steel structure similar to roof trusses with a sun-protective glazed envelope. Thus an ensemble is created, whose characteristic design from different epochs should be a new landmark. The space appears coherent in dialogue with the existing facade fronts, the volume not only offers space for a variety of uses, but there is a certain new address formation:


With its generous sense of space as well as the noticeable lightness of the envelope and construction, the concept creates a perceptibly new atmosphere.

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