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48.2244, 16.3346

1. Prize, Competition


With its compact form, the building forms an urbanistic reference to the dense development of the immediate surroundings of the building site.

The form as well as the height of the building structure are determined by the building heights of the surrounding residential buildings and by the distance regulations. In addition, the roof shape continues on all sides of the building until the last floor along Kreuzgasse, where it reaches its full height.

The staggering of the storeys enables an urbanistic adaptation to the surroundings, which is the essential aspect of the concept. This creates generous roof terraces with movement areas, sun decks, quiet areas protected from wind and sun and with a pleasant view.

The two-storey elevated forecourt zone defines the main access from Kreuzgasse for the middle and high school for social care professions (Caritas). The access for kindergarten, adult education centre and cooperative secondary school (school foundation of ED Vienna) is from Antonigasse. These two entrance zones are designed to be transparent and thus allow a view across the courtyard to the other side of the street.

Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle School form an educational unit on campus together with the schools for social care professions. No matter whether in the kindergarten or in the school, the location remains the same, thus maintaining the centre of life and social contacts. The immediate proximity of the Caritas school (training courses for specialist social care workers and graduate social care workers with a focus on work with the elderly, family work, work with the disabled and support for the disabled; higher education institution for economic professions, training in social management, course for home help) and the planned university of applied sciences (FH) to the care facility opens up unique opportunities in training and research.

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