Campus Vinzenzgasse Vienna

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36.000 m2

48.2244, 16.3346


A multifunctional building of the Campus Vinzenzgasse Vienna is to be built on the property in the 18th district. As a perimeter block development with an inner courtyard, it will form a spacious and clearly arranged framework for the intended uses. Eighty percent of the building will be used by Campus Vinzenzgasse facilities. The remaining twenty percent will be built as rental apartments.

The multi-functional room program of the complex building is composed of the following functions:

- New central administrative unit on Campus Vinzenzgasse with around 500 workplaces
- Central and partly public functions in the base zone (learning café, cafeteria, canteen, event rooms, workshops, service offers for mobility, counselling, etc.)
- Rented accommodation (freely financed)
- Nursing home for 90 residents, which is divided into 6 shared flats of 15 people each, divided into two residential groups of 7-8 residents
- Social housing: residential home for 36 residents based on the model of the Vinzenzhaus
- MONO: mobile emergency supply for food, medical services and street work with buses
- Areas for flat-sharing communities on the 5th floor
- Community and care garden

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