Business Center Salzburg Mitte

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20.000 m2

47.8232, 13.0152

Miniscraper Salzburg

Acquisition - Architectural Competition, 2018

Urban Development Aspects

Design Intent
The Remisen facility planned by Salzburg AG - as a new central hub for the operating network of trolleybuses for the Salzburg public transport network - will be completed with a slim office and workshop clasp.

An addition of 13,000m2 of office spaces will be included. This area corresponds to approx. 5 standard storeys of the entire office space provided for this purpose.

The concept envisages dividing the third-party use volume into 4 building volumes, and thus generating an exciting, innovative office and commercial quarter with a strong identification factor for residents and employees. In addition, these 4 components allow for staged or step-by-step construction.

The new Salzburg Mitte, expressed in the form of four medium-high buildings (Miniscraper), is a unique office and working quarter; that is upgraded by the advantages of the motorway connection. It also comes with a generous Remisen roofgarden = Remisenpark.

Architectural Concept

Structural Composition
The structural ensemble consists of clearly structured volumes:
A - The Plinth - The base separated and secured office clasp of Salzburg AG
B - The Piano Nobile Beletage - Communication zone for shared areas
C - The four office towers with flexibly divisible rental spaces for third-party use

Functional Aspects
Elements of the New Centre

The Plinth - The Base
The proposed design introduces a compact plinth - The "Base", which houses exclusively the functions of Salzburg AG. However, this clear structure can be seamlessly expanded into one or more of the Miniscraper units, if additional office space is required.

The Piano Nobile
The Beletage is the communication floor between the users. Via the common central foyer, on the ground floor in the southwest of the building complex, one is guided to the common areas located here. The common canteen and a cafeteria are located between the shared meeting areas.

Meeting rooms can be used separately or together via a booking service. Optional extension areas, for Salzburg AG, are also possible. All common functional areas have direct access to the green open space - the Remisenpark

The Miniscraper

Four office towers will be developed into compact high-rise buildings in an articulated ensemble. They will also offer space for businesses and start-ups of various sizes. They are characterised by rental units that can be flexibly divided and extended.

Variable rental units are future-proofed for company growth through flexible office layouts that can be divided up. It is possible to locate new types of business such as start-ups and also small to medium-sized companies of various sizes. The divisibility of the buildings, into different sections, make the possibility to have compact multi-storey office spaces.

Office Standard System

Despite their elegant proportions, the Miniscraper are small-sized skyscrapers with profitable floor space of approximately 800m2 per floor. The resulting economical storeys were built on the basis of a common office grid system.

135cm Facade element
270cm Single office axis
540cm Team office or combination office
1080cm Open office layout


Depending on the actual subsoil conditions, the foundation will be a flat foundation that is a robust and subsidence-resistant construction.

Floor Slabs
Because of the selected span widths of 5.40 x 7.40 - 4.40 - 7.40 m, the slab can be constructed very economically with a conventional reinforced concrete flat slab.

Constructive vertical elements are spun concrete columns, prefabricated elements. They act as stiffening components (wind & earthquake-proof), while wall panels of the staircases and staircase cores are used as additional stabilisation.

The standard façade of the new Salzburg Mitte office towers is defined by a conventional, economical construction of concrete lintel and balustrade. It can be greatly reduced in concrete and reinforcement volume due to their simplicity, with a rear-ventilated façade (mineral wool with a low manufacturer's energy index - the reduction of grey energy). It can be then executed with a smooth white plaster with an Aqua-lacquer coating.

Windows are designed as light metal elements in the alignment of the rear ventilated cladding. In the lateral flanks of the window elements, ventilation lamellas are situated for weather-protected night-time cooling.

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