Burgenland Pinkafeld UAS Campus

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Burgenland Pinkafeld UAS Campus new - a campus for the 21st century
Architecture Competition, 2019


In order to meet the requirements of the Burgenland UAS in the field of education for the future-oriented professions of health and energy, it is necessary to break up and reorganize the existing structures and to create a new central hub (Campus Forum), which will serve as a motor for the differentiated educational elements and the UAS as a unit.
This restructuring of the UAS landscape creates a concentrated, efficient educational environment and at the same time a new self-confident, open urbanistic sign in Pinkafeld.

UAS Campus with Campus Forum as the new heart

In order to cover the requirements for the future, the construction of a new, sustainable and ecologically compatible (CO2 neutral) building as the central heart of the campus, the reorganization of the existing UAS campus includes the demolition of 2 units, the reactivation and redevelopment of 2 unused structures, and restructuring of parts of the campus is necessary. The new hub is to connect the campus as a whole and strengthen the entire complex in its character and distinctiveness.

Urban Development Concept

The conceptual approach considers the area in its entirety. The formulation of the accesses, in particular the new promenade and public spaces, defines a unique campus structure in the midst of high-quality green spaces and a multi-layered urban integration, taking into account an optimal and economical implementation.

The urban structure of the surrounding area is characterized by a heterogeneous development with the existing grown structures of the University of Applied Sciences.
The restructuring and revitalization with the creation of the central new building as well as the new connecting promenade - the UAS access axis - defines a zone of development, encounter, communication and exchange as a new concise urbanistic sign.

The promenade, together with the open spaces and public places, connects the entire campus of the University of Applied Sciences and leads to the Technology Center as a direct partner in research and further towards the parking lot and the western access road to the site.

The overlapping of development, green space and assigned open spaces around the building structures create a complex urban identity-forming structure. With the transitions and uses in the middle of the campus buildings, the open space offers differentiated public and semi-public areas.

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