BRG Gröhrmühlgasse Wiener Neustadt

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47.8181, 16.2373

Architecture competition, 2020


The transformation and extension of the Bundesrealgymnasium from a classical school building to a contemporary building for all-day use. The BRG is seen as a central place in the city and in the coming of age of the pupils.

The conceptual approach considers the area in its entirety: formulation of the entrances, in particular the new entrance axis; composition and structuring of the volumes; inclusion of the high-quality green space and multi-layered, urban development integration, taking into account economic implementation.

The extension and revitalisation with the creation of the new building and the new connecting entrance axis, defines as a new, concise, urbanistic sign a zone of development, meeting, communication and exchange of pupils.

The overlapping of development, green space and assigned open spaces around the building structures create a complex, urban and identity-forming entity.

Urban development concept

The extension is proposed exclusively on the western part of the site for functional but also economic reasons.

The extension refers to the existing building by taking into account the structure, facade alignment and proportions of the individual buildings. The school building will be continued, so to speak.

A public forecourt will be created in front of the new, spacious main entrance, which will be located between the existing building and the extension. This will make the main entrance and the educational axis clearly recognisable from the outside, much more so than was previously the case.

The two-storey classroom wings will be placed on the base building with basement and ground floor, which is determined by the geometry of the gymnasium. The structures follow and continue the logic of the entire development. The result is a complex structure that enhances the heterogeneous environment and allows for optimal and clear use.

The open spaces of the area and the garden of the former Burkhard Villa are optimally developed and enriched in terms of design. The valuable stock of trees will be preserved and supplemented at the main entrance and on the western side.

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