BASOP/BAfEP St. Pölten

Project data



Awards / Phase

3.3rd place


48.1996, 15.6258

Positioning of the structure in the competition area and building art external appearance
The project proposes several small-scale building structures as a whole, which through the concise, urban configuration with the existing building reflects a clear and logical location of functions and provides space for a later addition. The extension of the BASOP/BAfEP St. Pölten will be realized with a 2-storey annex on Dr. Theodor Körner-Straße, which, due to its elevation, will at the same time form a spacious, covered forecourt and covered schoolyard. Another 2-story addition is placed north of the existing building, where the practice kindergarten and after-school care center are embedded in the greenery. The building volumes are designed to harmoniously fit into the surrounding park landscape in terms of height, articulation and proportion and to incorporate the existing outline contours of the school building and the Prandtauerhalle. The focus is on developing an inviting campus area in a green setting. The extension buildings are to be enclosed on all sides by ventilated lamella facades with native wood species, thus contrasting with the otherwise restrained fronts of the existing building and the Prandtauerhalle in terms of color. Lounge and entrance areas are to be designed transparently, and covered terraces are to be indicated by widening the spacing between the slats. The reference to nature is also expressed in the interior through the choice of materials. Both in the design of the classrooms and in the comfortable break areas with upholstered furniture in natural colors.

Architectural quality of the interiors

BASOP/BAfEP Extension
The "class floors" (2nd and 3rd upper floors) of the BAKIP and BAfEP are accessed barrier-free from the main building on both floors with bridges. Break and learning zones enhance the interior space and offer multiple uses for the students. An architectural homage to Erich Kästner's most famous book for young people, "The Flying Classroom".
Praxis Kindergarten:
The Praxis-Kindergarten is accessible from the existing building via a weather-protected viewing bridge from the 1st floor "Lehrendengeschoss". The adjoining airspace, together with the green space patio, forms the bright center of the building, creating a visually continuous open space.
Gathering experience and learning outdoors is supported by the generous terraces, not only for group spaces but for common spaces via the large learning terrace. The latter can also be accessed separately via an external staircase.

Implementation of the spatial-pedagogical specifications

BASOP/BAfEP Expansion:
The classrooms are to be understood as learning landscapes, which are primarily designed as flexibly usable, open spaces. Floor-to-ceiling sliding walls between classrooms and central break areas create differentiated, open spaces that resemble a large living room more than a school. As a result, they are well suited for larger school events.
Practice Kindergarten:
The arrangement of the group as well as after-school rooms around an open library or learning area allows for an individualizable educational experience, where the space is used as a "third educator." The green patio in the center of the building is intended to provide recreation (attention-restoration theory), which is why it is also accessible from all sides on the first floor.

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