Algersdorf Educational Campus

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Urban Development

The examination of the context with regard to the qualities of its surroundings and the location of the plot of land results in the specifications, the arrangement of the building dimensions and positioning on the plot.

Situated in Eggenberg, between the grown structure in the east and the future open-air sports facilities in the west, the site is situated between the existing building - NMS and the Eggenberger Bad (oyster) in the south. The school campus fits into this structure and connects the northern area with the southern part of the building plot by means of a school axis. The incisions opening outwards form visual connections to the green areas and provide inviting rest areas and buffer zones to the adjacent buildings and streets (Georgistraße/Algersdorfer Straße) in the east and south. In terms of height, the new building picks up where the oyster left off and develops in a score composed of structures and open space elements up to the existing building in the north, without competing with it. The NMS gymnasium, which is planned for the 2nd section, takes up the linearity of the existing building and is located in the northern part of the property.


The creation of an unmistakable design of the building structures, taking into account an optimal, functional, economic and ecological implementation, is the starting point of the conceptual approach. The architecture shows a 1-2 storey building which develops along a connecting axis. The axis, which is designed as a school street, connects the school areas with each other and is reflected in the architectural formulation. Spacious communication areas and private niches as well as classrooms and clusters form an interplay in the campus sequence. Well-positioned, generously proportioned glazing allows for optimal exposure and reduction of artificial light.

In the spirit of participatory architecture, students and teachers can not only intervene in the organisation of functions, but also design the appearance of the façade. Façade panels can be designed with drawings and symbols and contribute to the creation of a stronger identity.

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