Adalbert Stifter School

Project data




10.000 m2

49.3952, 11.1344


The site of the project is located in a settlement area on the outskirts of Nuremberg, which is characterised by terraced housing development of the 60s and 70s and a high proportion of green space. The compact structure, which is located on the south-western boundary of the site, allows the rest of the site to be kept free and thus offers a generous undeveloped area, which can be used by different users in an individual way. By cutting into the volume of the building and creating courtyards, patio and assembly hall, accesses, areas of use and views are defined. The new school building was chosen as an economically and structurally correct variant due to the properties of the existing construction, which were proven in the report of the as-built analysis (contaminated sites) and the analysis of the load-bearing capacity and fire protection. The construction process is planned in phases according to the construction phase plan.

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